Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sin's Temptation by Evie Harrison

Evie Harrison’s debut novel packs a punch. If you are in the mood for a quick read that is full of an alpha male who knows what he wants and makes sure that he always gets it than look no further. A lot of times going into a short book you feel like you miss out on so much, but this one was just right. You had the love story, but at the end still felt like everything fell into place.
Jordan caught my eye right off the bat. He was the self-proclaimed male whore we all love. The love em and leave type. You know once he meets his match there will be no turning back. Natalie didn’t have much of an opinion on if she liked Jordan or not. He was taking her for the keeping whether she liked it or not.
Sometimes you just need a quick little cute read to get you back in the groove. Not a lot drama just two people who knows the instant they meet their soul mate.

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