Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mr. President by Katy Evans


Katy Evans and her words pierce right into my book loving heart. She is the alpha male word whisperer. All I know… is that whatever world Katy Evans is writing… I want to be a part of it. There is this excitement that you get in your chest when one of her books hits your kindle. To be part of the journey to see it play out and to feel like you were part of something that hasn’t quite ended, but still leaves you needing more. That is the reason I read.  There is a smoothness to her writing that has you memorizing every conversation, every look and every secret touch between her characters.  

Matt Hamilton will have you wanting to hide somewhere in the corner just to pretend that you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing. I loved every word that came out of his mouth. He was loyal, honest and headstrong. Charlotte. I’m not sure what to say about her. It’s not often in a book I pay attention to the female, but without her and the chemistry that was created between the two characters this story would not have hit me like it did. 

If you are looking for chemistry and sexual tension at its finest look no further. Scorching scenes with scorching tension that makes for one of hell of a buildup. 

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