Sunday, October 23, 2016

Black Swan Affair by: K.L. Kreig

K.L Kreig annihilated this book, right along with my heart and quite possibly the reading streak I was on.  To say I fell in love with this book at 7% doesn’t seem like it does enough justice to how this book made me feel. Intense, heart breaking, slack-jawed this is a read that will leave you hopeful and heartbroken all in the last chapter.   The way she wove the characters past and present left me wanting to devour every word and thought. I felt like the only thing missing in this book was after THE END she should have added Drops MIC. This book and everything it brings to the table is why I breathe reading and every damn feel that each page made me experience. 

I read this with baited breath and hope in my heart. I volleyed back and forth with the path I hoped this book would take. I felt the pain, the fight and the fear of each character. I can’t tell you how many times I would click out of the book and just stupidly stare at the cover while I psyched myself up to go back in because the anticipation to figure out which way she was going to take me was too much.

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