Sunday, November 22, 2015

Unlawful Justice

Rating this book just about killed me. I wanted so much to fall in love with it. We just can’t love them all. Although, I appreciate the message that they were delivering I just struggled finding my reading groove. I guess as a reader I’m just greedy and want more romance and more focus on my main characters. I wanted that connection and unbreakable bond with them. 

Grayson hit the mark right away for me. He was strong and never wavered in any of his decisions. He loved beyond doubt and always seemed to have just the right thing to say. My connection with Olivia was a little bit harder for me. I wanted to feel more as well as  experience her pain of what she went through. I would have loved to have went on the journey of her picking up the pieces. Even though she didn’t remember- I just wanted to watch her break from it as most would and then build back up even stronger from the experience. 

 This book will definitely take you on a journey and at times have you feeling love and hate and even a little both all at once.  Even though it might have not been for me I know other people will enjoy reading this story about justice and truth.

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