Tuesday, November 17, 2015

LEV by Belle Aurora

When Belle Aurora drops a book, you don’t read the blurb or go and read the reviews you just one click and then devour the hell out of it. She could write a book about a damaged goat herder and you just know he will be your next book boyfriend. I don’t know how the hell she manages to draw you into every character in the book. You don’t just finish a book; you finish a book and feel like you left friends behind when it’s over.
If there is one thing Ms. Aurora does well- it’s her men. She just nails it every damn time. They can be burying bodies in the backyard and keeping the teeth in a jar by the bed and you will still be like, “that’s my man, he is so hot.” Lev may have his issues, but protecting his family isn’t one of them.
Everyone in this book will have you ready to open your heart to them. The moment Lev took Mina in I knew that this would be a love to fight for. Not many books make you feel that need to fight for your characters, but with these two, you not only want it to happen - you need to see it happen.
Belle never seems to shock me anymore with her books. I just go in knowing that I have to read her books and know the characters are going to survive whatever she puts them through.

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