Monday, November 30, 2015

All That's Left To Hold Onto by Ella Fox

Ella Fox delivers a beautiful love story about finding love in the most unexpected ways. As a reader I’m a firm believer that a book that is truly about love without the angst and all the drama is needed in the reader world.  With that said, I was nervous because I usually stay away from books that involve kids, but damn if Ms. Fox didn’t have me wanting to sign up on to find me a Ronan to make babies with.

Ronan is the guy we all hope to find but we still end up wasting our time on the bad boys. He is protective, supportive and the one person that Keely and Emma can count on. I loved being on the journey of watching him find his way on taking care of Emma. It was sweet, funny and made you hopeful that guys like him do exist. Keely was just what I expected her to be strong and unwavering in her decisions. She took the bull by the horns and there was no changing her mind when it came to Emma. 

Did I mention the fact that the TUG girls are in this book. You know any author who gives a shout out to fictional dudes jerking has to be all kinds of awesome. This just proves that Ella can write any kind of story and engage the reader. She can go from Alpha guys getting their woman to sweet guys who will do anything to get their woman.

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