Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kian by Tijan

I jumped into this book head first because let’s be honest it’s Tijan and you are guaranteed to feel every word that hits the page. The author has this way that makes you feel like you are half way through a movie before you realize you are actually reading a book. Her characters are real and when they are hurt, you hurt. You feel like you are best friends with them and feel the need to protect, make everything right and never let them down. It’s heartbreaking and yet, you feel like you are held responsible for their well-being.
When you first meet Jo you are instantly drawn to her. You want to know all her secrets, but yet protect them as well. Jo has a strength that you are just drawn to. That is what the author does. At times you may want to slap her, but most times you just want to high five her and hope to hell you can sit at the lunch table with her. Damn Tijan
Kian, you don’t know a lot about him and for a good bit of the book you are left wanting more for a good bit of the book.  But you love and love the mystery. You are instantly drawn to the way he protects, but yet, lets Jo make her own decisions. Like the whole time Kian knows what the answer is but he is going to let Jo figure it out. Top that off with a guy who would kill for you and well, now you see why Tijan has become my girl crush.

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