Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Strictly Temporary by Ella Fox

I loved book 2 in the Strictly Temporary series. Getting a glimpse in Exton’s head really just brought the story together for me. I loved his point of view and how he was instantly attracted and obsessed with Arden. For me Ms. Fox thrives in a male point of view. I loved having a chance to dig into Exton’s brain and really see what he was feeling.

 Small town living doesn’t always define you, but it can make you into the insecure person you don’t recognize anymore. Arden doesn’t trust and when a big time player pays you interest you trust even less. Luckily, for all of us, Exton is not the man who will be backing down anytime soon.

 Ms. Fox has taken a short series and made the reader fall in love with the endearing personalities of her characters. Exton will make you want to believe that real men- men that know how to treat a lady do exist. Arden will make you see that being yourself and being ok with the person you have grown into is an ok for person for someone else to love.

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