Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Not Your Hero by Anna Brooks

Talk about freaking pleasantly surprised by a book. I mean damn. I went into this book not even reading a blurb and came out of it loving a hot ass male named Sam. I really felt like the author did a hell of a job making the reader connect with both characters. I love reading a book from an author that immediately makes you want to go and buy every one of her other books. Add in a strong female character who can make her own decisions and put other people before her then you know I’m all in. 

Sam sees his next door neighbor and her kid and knows he should stay far, far away. The problem is as much as he tries he just can’t. I really enjoyed the balance these two brought to the story. Sam with his rough exterior but a heart big enough to hold the love of a woman and her child and Courtney, a girl willing to do anything to protect her family.

This definitely will not be the last book of Ms. Brooks I read. Although, the story was short you were left not wanting for more. Just the perfect balance with not too much information and just enough to make you love everything about it.

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