Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Summer Remains by Seth King

The Summer Remains is one of those books that will leave you with your heart in pieces. There were moments while reading this book that I was left in awe at not only the raw beauty of the words, but the message that was hidden in the pages of this story. A message about strength, love, anger and not only overcoming hardships, but defeating them. Seth King has a talent with words and making the reader emotionally connect. Cooper and Summer’s story is one that you'll be thinking about months after reading it.

I instantly fell in love with Summer’s strength and heart. Cooper stole my heart with his awkward conversations and his soul that was wise beyond years. To me these two embody everything that young love should be but now a days it’s hard to find. Cooper and his loyalty toward Summer and Summer and her will to let the walls down long enough for Cooper to get in is a story with in itself.

This book will make you want to be a better person. It opens your eyes to other people’s feelings. It makes you want to find someone to go on a journey with whether it’s three months or thirty years. Somewhere between pages and the tears I realized that this book serves as a reminder life is short and people are cruel but they are also caring and every once in a while they are our life support. 

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