Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Forever You're Mine by K. Langston

I’m pretty sure that if ever saw Ms. Langston in public I would pummel her with my panties like I was at a damn Bret Michaels concert. That is the kind of person her men make me into. She has definitely channeled the inner bossy, possessive men and not only channeled it, but killed it writing wise. Every book just seems to get better and better. When you go into a book thinking- I bet this one won’t top the last one then you know you are working with something good. 
Reading Cannon and Cora was like watching a firecracker. You know the damn thing is going to go off you just don’t know when, but when it does it’s something beautiful. Cannon is everything I hope to find one day on Match.com. He is a friend, protector and of course sex god in a truck. Cora is the female we have come to expect from K. Langston. She is strong in her own right, a fighter for her family even if it isn’t blood. 
Some of the best stories that I have read seem to be the ones I just get lost in and don’t even realize I’m reading until I look up at the end of the book. This is what this Ms. Langston and her writing skills do to you, makes you get lost in the story and characters. 

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