Friday, September 26, 2014

Stepbrother Dearest By: Penelope Ward

You have to love when a book falls into your hands that makes your forget that life is happening around you. That is what happened the moment I picked up Stepbrother Dearest. I devoured it in a day and made the stink eye at anything that might have come between me and my Elec. The banter, the friendship, the twists and the love story weaved throughout all of it had me completely taken with this book.

Ms. Ward made me fall in love with Greta and Elec and although she made my heart speed up and hurt to the point I wanted to read through my fingers at the end I was left feeling bonded to a book.  

Elec and his “I hate the world” attitude will draw you in to the spell he will undoubtedly have you under by the time you hit “The End.”  You just know that in between the hate and hurt was a guy that would protect the ones he loves and boy does he prove you right. Greta was his saving grace. The calm in a world filled with crazy she would be the one he learns to trust. You can’t help but smile when these two are going at each other and you can’t help but catch fire with the sexual tension they put off. 

Ms. Ward and her writing speak for itself. She traps you in this story and you won’t even try to fight the pull of the pages. It’s a book that will have you so devoted to it that you won’t to pick up another book for it will like cheating. The way you are reading a story as another story plays out will have you lusting for more. More Elec, more Greta and more of the love story that unraveled and persevered through the rough times.  

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