Monday, September 22, 2014

Reasonable Doubt 3 By Whitney G.

Is it possible to get pregnant from reading a book? If it is, sign me up to house all of Andrew Fucking Hamilton’s babies. Holy asshole, dirty mouthed—get what he wants hotness. Let’s not stop there because Aubrey is smart mouthed and just the woman to knock him off his asshole throne. Let’s just say that if reading and pelvic thrusting was an Olympic sport these books would get me a gold medal.

 I want to point out that one of the things I loved is the fact that Ms. Williams didn’t change Andrew. She may have softened him around the edges toward the end, but he stayed the Andrew we all fell in love with in book one. You know the one that makes you want to throat punch him and reach for your vibrator all at the same time.

Following Andrew and Aubrey through their journey will have you pissed off, turned on, laughing your ass off and blushing all in the same book. They have a bond and no matter how much Andrew denied it and tried to fight it your heart always seems to win. Aubrey, strong willed and not afraid to walk away knows exactly what she wants out of life and she is not afraid to make drastic changes to get it. These two will light up the pages with heat and heart.

If there was ever a series that I wished was drug out into more books it would be this one. I became obsessed with this story and Ms. Williams' writing. These books may be short, but the way she tells the story feels complete. You are instantly connected and feel a kinship with these two from the very beginning. There was not one thing I felt like I missed out on except I want the proposal

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