Monday, September 22, 2014

Hemy by Victoria Ashley

Oh Hemy… I’m not sure how Ms. Ashley will top you. When you come out of the gates with Chapter one consisting of wall banging, voyeurism and a little threesome then you might as well just check out as the most awesome author ever. I fell in love with Slade and didn’t think in a million years you would be able to touch him, but then you come at us guns a blazing with Hemy and now I’m wondering how my lawsuit of “rubbing oneself raw” will hold up in the court of law. Lol.

You can’t help but feel the pain and love of Hemy and Onyx. It’s deep and all consuming. Sometimes though we can’t save the people we love the most. Sometimes leaving and turning your back on the ones we love the most is the best thing that could ever happen. When you lose everything four years can be an eternity, but it can also be the eye opener you needed to see what you lost is the most important thing in the world. 

It takes a lot to make me horny while reading a book. Everything always fades into the same shit and you find yourself skipping over the sex scenes. Trust me when I say you will not be skipping over Ms. Ashley’s sex scenes you will be propping your kindle against the first thing you come across so you can have both hands free. She brings that feeling that makes you want to claim Hemy as your own because you too have screamed out his name over and over. So now I will say I’m not sure how you will beat Hemy but you have set the bar high. I have loved every one of your characters. Although the books are not just hot they also keep your interest and make you forget about everyday life for a couple hours.


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