Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Raw By: Belle Aurora

Gutted. That is the only way to describe what you will feel after reading this book. This is not your normal romance book that makes you feel all warm inside. The book is well…Raw, intense and quite frankly gutsy. I fell in love with Belle's sense of humor in her last book so I was intrigued when I found out she was venturing into something completely different. She didn't disappoint. I remember asking one of the girls if 6% was too soon to confess my love of Twitch - followed by this is my ultimate male. Belle's ability to draw you into a story along with writing strong characters has quickly made her one of my go to authors come release time.

Twitch is my favorite asshole. I loved him hard and while most people probably cringed at some of his words; I sat back and just smiled. He may not have been your knight in shining armor during the book, but at the end he deserved to be called a king. He was out for revenge, revenge for false hopes that at a young age was the only thing he had to hold on to. Hope burned out and was soon replaced with vengeance. The only problem with his plan was the girl who he wanted revenge on since she was 6 yr was still the same loving girl he knew then. Watching Twitch come to his knees and submit to feelings he had never felt before is what made this book come alive for me. Although at times I wanted Lexi to appear tougher, I realized that the softness in her made Twitch seem more human to me.

 This book left me with my heart laying on the ground. I'm not sure how long I stared at the last page repeating " this girl (author)  has lost her ever-loving mind." Then I sat back and realized that all my life I have read predictable books and at times wished they would have thrown me for a loop. Well congrats Belle not only did you leave my heart shattered and my lungs gasping for air, you also managed to leave me with a story that I will love and curse for a long time.

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