Friday, January 24, 2014

A Reason To Breathe By: C.P. Smith


Some people were born to do certain things –this author was born to write. I have never been so in awe of a debut author in all my time of reading. She captivated me from the first page – had me hanging on until the last page and at the end not wanting to let go. I’m not one to do extreme things to chase the adrenaline rush; my rush has always come from finding “the” book. The one that is always on the tip of your tongue when someone asks you to name a favorite book and then when they ask you why it’s a favorite you can’t seem to put into words,  to come close enough to doing it justice. A Reason to Breathe will be that book. This isn’t your normal, predictable, “I know what’s going to happen before it happens story”. No, this book has you holding your breath in shock at the twists and turns. Toss in the fact she jumped to the top of 'authors who can write a fucking alpha male' list and she just also moved to my authors who I plan to stalk the hell out of list.
Jack surpassed all my other book boyfriends.  If I was asked to describe my favorite male character I would have to ask “Have your read Jack yet?” He was all bossy, protective and possessive and then toss in a sense of humor and I knew I was done for the minute he opened his mouth. Every time he talked I wanted to stick my hands in my pants.  There is just something about watching a male get thrown off balance by a female and watching him fall to his knees in the process that is even better. Jenn was no push over and for once I found myself not annoyed with a female. She was strong, smart-mouthed and did whatever the hell she wanted to regardless the consequences. Put the two of them together and you end up with fireworks. To be able to combine a love story with a mix of suspense that isn't predictable is every readers dream

I probably don't have a handful of books that once I read I will go back to at a later date to reread, but this one just got added to my list. As soon as I finished this book I immediately went back to the beginning to start again just so I didn't lose that feeling you get during one of your favorite reads.  I was ready to throw down 5 stars before I was half way done I was that invested in every word and every page. C.P Smith has made me fall in love with not only her males, but her writing. I cant wait to see all the things that are about to happen with this author. To say she is going to go places is an understatement.

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