Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One Ride By: Chelsea Camaron

I love any and all books about motorcycle clubs and this one was no different. There is just something about the story that sucks you in and makes you want to live in the world with all the protection of family that isn’t blood, but sometimes more than blood. I thought the writing in the story was good and kept me wanting to continue to find out more about Doll and Tripp.
Doll has lived her life as a Hellion it’s all she knows. She’s tough, caring and full of sass. I really enjoyed reading her character. I loved the immediate attraction between her and Tripp and the fact that from the very beginning Tripp felt possessive of her. I loved Tripp and at times he pissed me off (ok one time) once again I found myself looking over it. He was fighting the attraction to Doll knowing that he could never be the safe bet that she needs in her life. Sometimes caring and loving someone  will only turn out bad in the end.
Although at times I thought the book was a little to descriptive and would have enjoyed more dialogue time with Tripp and Doll together I found myself endeared to the story. Once they met it really picked up for me. I loved Sass and Tank and hope they  get their own book.

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