Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Girl by Any Other Name By: MK Schiller

I love the moment you start reading a book and know you will love it instantly. Once I started this book I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t just read the book  I went on a journey with the author. I fell in love with both Cal and Sylvie not once, but twice.  I’m usually the reader who hates to spend a lot of time in the past lives of my characters, but the author captivated me with her writing that reading about their past became some of my favorite parts. I found my heart breaking for them at times, smiling at them at times and spellbound by the story the whole time. 

Cal and Sylvie met at a young age and once their friendship was formed they became inseparable. Sylvie had to grow up at a young age and living with secrets that prevented her to be normal. Even at a young age Cal was loyal to the friendship he developed that quickly turned to love. I loved Cal! He became Sylvie's foundation, best friend and confidant. Although the book had its super sweet moments it also comes with the heart wrenching pain of losing the one thing that makes your heart beat.
 For me this book had everything I hoped it would. The dialogue was fun and felt real. The ending was like a smack in the face for me. You get so lost in the story that when the final moments it all comes out you're completely blown away that you didn't see it coming.. The characters creep into your heart and take a place that later after reading numerous books you will smile out of the blue and think of Cal saying “Girl” or find yourself answering a question using ‘kay’ and that is what books are supposed to do.

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