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Torn Arc provided by the great KIM KARR

Torn (Connections, #2)Torn by Kim Karr
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We have all read them the books that stay with you.The one book that comes to your mind the moment someone poses the question "What book gripped you?" It was Connected for me and now Torn has joined the ranks.I fell in a love/hate relationship with Kim Karr during her first book I thought there would be no way she would ever play with my emotions the way she did during Connected.Yes like all of you after I finished Connected I open mouthed drooled over myself while repeatedly whisper yelling No No No!Ok, there might have been a "That bitch" (saying this with awe) in there.Lets move to present day when I started Torn and was brought back to half the time seeing Kim in a meadow with a halo around her head and the other half in a dark basement evilly cackling while feverishly writing screaming "and for my next trick my pretty ones." It shouldn't be right how one person can hold the power to have you feeling so in love one minute,heart beating out of your chest the next to just pissed off at everyone for no reason at all or for every damn reason. Honestly how my kindle survived without grip marks amazes me- as many times during this read I had to mentally tell myself ease up there princess and just freaking breathe.

What can I say about River, he is the book boyfriend that every time he opens his mouth or does something sweet you just fall a little more in love. He is thoughtful, caring and loyal beyond belief. I don't think I have highlighted so much in a book, but I just had to capture what was happening with him and Dahlia. I wanted to remember my favorite parts- I just didn't realize I would have pages of them. I enjoyed seeing a little more possessiveness out him in Torn. With everything that happened he never faltered in his love and ability to protect and trust me there was a lot to happen (yes you have to read it to find out) between all of them.


More gushing to follow I know, I know just stay with me the Kim Karr love fest is about over.

Not to often do you find a book with such strong characters both male and female.Dahlia was just as strong minded and loyal as River.Yes at parts I cringed, at parts I thought WTF are you doing (insert major Kindle gripage) to plenty of I can't finish this I just cant go on, but just remember although she tears you down she won't leave you there for long.

"There are no Pieces,I promise You"


If you thought she wowed you in the first book then let's just say she put on her big girl panties in the second book and said GAME ON.The story is beautiful. The writing is flawless and Kim is a genius.You have a true fan (perhaps stalker) forever (draws an x over my heart). Thank You for this journey into seeing your love for writing play out in your books this isn't just a read its a true experience.

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