Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

I was a little worried starting this book as it just didn’t connect with me right off.  I didn’t feel that connection that I usually do with Ms. Ward’s characters. Thankfully,  when I started getting more of Mack and Frankie together- I started to feel more for them. Frankie started to grow on me each chapter, but I still didn't feel that connection that made me want to cheer her on. Mack, was just so loveable. That is thing about this author. She makes you love her characters even at times when you want to kick them. They balance each other. At times when I dislike one the other one steps up their game.

Mack and Frankie started off with friends, but like everything else that quickly changed to love. Like all love stories everything has a road block and this one had one hell of a wrench shoved into the story. Although, I didn’t feel the connection at first as the story grew I realized how what started out something innocent became something life altering.

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