Sunday, February 5, 2017

How To Date A Douchebag book2 by Sara Ney

There is just something about this authors writing that keeps me hooked from page one to the end. She has this way of making the guys into such assholes and still leave them so endearing that has me loving them when I should be hating them. She lets the characters be themselves, but allows them to still grow in their own way.
Zeke and Violet were total opposites but the sweetness that embodied VI sort of wrapped around the harshness and jagged edges of Zeke. The slow burn of watching Zeke grow and struggle at the same time is something this author really excels at. Her douchebags always grow and learn things the hard way, but they also always see the light and come out in the end on top without completely changing into a different guy.
You know when you read a book by an author and you immediately want to go read all the rest of their books? That is what happened with me and reading my first Sara Ney book. She just puts all the reasons why I love reading into her books.

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