Friday, July 22, 2016



 Vi Keeland nails the first meet to a T. Reading a Vi Keeland book is like spending an evening laughing with your best friends. She writes these couples that you feel like you have known most of your life. That you spend your weekends with these people laughing your ass off because they are just that funny and likable. She seems to do it every damn time. I start the book with a smile on my face and end the book with that same stupid grin. 

Chase is everything we love. Arrogant, protective and everything in between that makes us want to toss our panties at him.  I loved him from the moment he opened his mouth. I could just picture the moment in my head and I was laughing the whole time. Chase and Reese will make you melt all while trying to cheer them on. 

Ms. Keeland excels at infusing chemistry and humor into her books. It’s always an easy read that just flows and makes you forget about real life for a short time. You always know you will fall in love with both characters by the time you hit the last page.

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