Sunday, June 26, 2016


Ms. Matilde really saved the best for last. I was probably like every other fan of this series who couldn’t wait to get their hands on Justin. I started reading the first few pages and was like, HOLY SHIT. Clean up... aisle, MY VAGINA. Talk about 0 to 60 because Justin took us there in the first 7 pages of the book. It’s like watching the grand finale of the fireworks. The lead up is great, but when you get to the end ifs nonstop action and after the last one goes off you just stand there looking up while saying, “Wow.”
Justin and Rain just had the chemistry that we all love to read. If the first scene was setting the pace for the book you knew these two would set the pages on fire.  I loved seeing Justin stripped down and the nice guy come out. The more serious side of him was hot as hell. As much as I try to not play favorites, I can’t help but do so as Justin won me over.
It’s always nice seeing an author letting the characters write themselves. It doesn’t feel forced or rushed it’s just a love story about two people who fall in love when least expected. No boundaries, no misconceptions just two people letting each other explore and find themselves in the game of love. 

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