Monday, May 2, 2016

Between Us by Ella Fox

Ella fox does this thing where she just loses you in a story. One minute your reading and the next you are lost in a book and falling in love with characters. I wasn’t sure what would happen with Cole, all I knew is that any given chance he would go one of two ways and I was dying to see which way he would choose. I kept thinking to myself, will she do it? Is Ms. Fox going to go all the way? At first I wanted it I will not lie, but as the story progressed and I got to know Cole and Devon I would have ripped her a new asshole if she would have went there and torn apart the beautiful connection that was being built. 

There is just something about when a guy knows that he has fallen for a girl instantly. He doesn’t doubt it... he just goes straight for the win. Cole may have been conflicted, but the moment he actually realized that Devon was the real deal his coin toss went out the window. 

Ms. Fox made you hope for everything. You knew and wanted deep down for him to pick his choice and never let go. I didn’t want the undecided Cole. I wanted the Cole that fought and protected his partner. The Cole we got was everything and more. He was that one guy who stood up and took notice the moment he realized the route his life would take. An easy read that will have you praying to the rock gods for more band members.

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