Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ladies Man by Katy Evans

Katy Evan’s does this thing where she just kills every single word and character that she writes. I would love to try and imagine Ms. Evans and me on a beach soaking up each other’s greatness but the stark reality is that her greatness should be preserved in a book where no one else but me is privileged to read the stories. 

I was starting to think that Tahoe and Gina would never get together. As much as I loved the friendship and watching it grow into this fight for love I was ready to have my BAM moment. I wasn’t disappointed though. Good things take time to happen and it well worth the wait.

Ms. Evan’s had some huge shoes to fill. Saint was one of my top book boyfriends of pretty much ever. The thing about Katy is she didn’t try to overshadow she just came in with Tahoe slow and steady making him that much more. In my dream world Ms. Evans feeds me a DQ blizzard while whisper reading all her books to me. Don't judge its my fantasy and in it she has a starring role.

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