Monday, March 2, 2015

Malevolent by Cassia Brightmore

Ms. Brightmore is about to rock your world with this book that will leave you intrigued and wanting to flip the pages before you ever even finish the one you are on. It’s guaranteed to leave you shaking your head wondering what the fuck just happened. She grips you at the first page and will keep you glued to them just to find out that you were completely wrong with most of your assumptions of who you think is the killer.

 Brady will have you wishing a crazy killer was after you just so he can protect you, he is that hot. Every time he leaned down and whispered in her ear I swear I felt the shivers my damn self.

Gwyn is running from a past full of pain all while trying to find the person she used to be. When you first meet Gwyn you get the feeling that she is weak, but in all reality she is strong, sassy and ready to get back to the person she lost.
Brady…Brady…Brady…or as I call him, my new wet dream. He is everything you will ever want-hot and bossy and overbearing and pretty much my dream man.

I’m still in shock this is a first book by this author. There is something about a romance that turns mystery that just wraps you up in the world of who the hell did it- leaving you breathless in a world that seems real. Sometimes you come across a special book that leaves you in awe and at the same time slightly scared of the way the authors brain works.

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