Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Something Real by Lexi Ryan

I just got done devouring Something Real and can I just openly admit now that Lexi Ryan may just be my new girl crush. The writing is just that good by the time I looked at my kindle I was already at 40% and in fucking love again. Half the time I wanted to dry hump Sam and the other half I wanted to donkey punch his nuts possibly both at the same time. Man... did I love this guy.

Sam and Liz’s story has had me in their grasp since the first book. Ms. Ryan could write a story about a turtle crossing the road to meet its mate and I swear it would be a love story to battle all. 

Liz is left heartbroken and at times I won’t lie I wanted to slap the shit out of her for always falling into Sam’s stories and trust me I love Sam. At times I wanted Liz to just walk away and quit having anything to do with him and his stories about Sabrina, but I also wanted her to fight for the love that was there. How I could feel so much love and yet want to nut punch the hell out of the guy who had me so in love with this book-the writing that is how. 

Ms. Ryan I will confess my undying love to you here and now and possibly take your last name if you will just let me have more Sam. You wrote a story that lets the reader just get lost in the pages. You could have done two or thirty books about Sam and Liz and each time I would fall more in love.

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