Sunday, January 11, 2015

Shoot For The Moon by Rochelle Paige


I love shifters and I love me some short books. Sometimes just the ease of a no drama story with a hot wolfy guy is the only thing you need when you are in a book slump. Something to get the mojo flowing and get back to the swing of reading and Rochelle sure does nail it in Spencer’s book. He is all mine, you’re my mate and dammit we are mating. YUM. 

Spencer has been waiting for his mate the way most men do- playing the field and leaving heartbreak in the wake. When Eliza comes to town seeking solidarity what she finds is a family. Being alone most of her life she is hesitant to accept the pact life. Enter Spencer who is too focused on his grandmothers vision that he wouldn’t know his mate if she played tickle the pickle on his dickle- which she was.

Spencer had some tough shoes to fill coming after Hunter. I couldn’t wait to find out how Spencer was going to make up for not knowing his mate was right in front of him- hell, even in his damn bed. I hoped like hell Eliza would make him work his ass off to make amends. If I had a complaint about these books I think it would be- I want more. 

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