Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Convincing Bet by K.S. Adkins

I have read several books from this author and this, so far, is my favorite. Going in I knew I would get humor tenfold and a hot bossy guy who at times doesn’t know when to shut up. What I didn’t expect was the emotional pull and at times the ache in my heart that had me wanting to fight right along with Rio to pull Bet from the years she has lived in her own purgatory. Ms. Adkins will suck you into this book with her ability to not only tell a story, but make you feel like you are living it. 
Maybe I shouldn’t have rooted on Bet to ask Rio to kill her and maybe I shouldn’t have wanted Rio to convince Bet to live and maybe just maybe I shouldn’t have wanted them to fall in love. The problem is I said yes to all of those. I wanted Rio to be the light that Bet saw shining- the light she wanted to consume her and I wanted Bet to be the rock that Rio felt comfortable leaning on. These two may be in two different worlds, but when love decided to come knocking the only thing to do is answer the damn door.  
The thing about reading a book by K.S. Adkins is you will find yourself one minute caught up in the sex scene and the next minute laughing your ass off at the most awkward time. I’m pretty sure Rio could have you hot and bothered one minute and the next have you laughing while he gives you a description about sex noises that happen during the act. If you want to laugh Detroit style…read a K.S Adkins book. If you want to have your heart stop…read a K.S. Adkins book. If you want to toss the traditional love story out the door and take a chance on a train wreck love story that ends in two people loving beyond measure…read a K.S. Adkins book. 

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