Friday, October 31, 2014

Pieces of Paisley by Leigh Ann Lunsford

 I’m not sure where to start with this review. I fell in love fast- I guess I could start with saying I was sucked in with a girl who was sassy and fierce, and I love to read about a girl who can throw down with the best of them. Then enter Jake- the first eye contact, the possessiveness, and then the possibility of a relationship we all dream of.  Ms. Lunsford's ability to take characters and let them grow, but also let them be human and make mistakes just like we all do will have you falling in deep with them.

Jake and Paisley start out with the way most relationships do- with a look that cements everything.  Paisley is young and wise beyond her years. Watching these two make decisions that will affect what is perfect will make you want to drink, scream and cuss the author. These two will break your heart and make you hope all in the same sentence. I knew once he left for the Navy all my hopes of no angst would dissolve in a puddle.

Ms. Lunsford’s writing blew me away. I felt like I was trapped in some other world watching people who I have grown to love- fall apart. That wasn’t ok with me, I felt every damn tear and heart break that each one of these characters felt. I wanted them to build this life, not a life like the one that was ripped from them, but a new one- a better one. Although, at times, I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped open and stayed that way throughout numerous chapters just trying to keep up with the drama, fights and love matches it is well worth all the emotions you will experience from pissed off to wanting to scream…FINALLY.

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