Sunday, October 19, 2014

Conquered by L.P. Lovell

Ms. Lovell does it again. I’m hopelessly in love with a man named Theo. I asked for more possessiveness and boy did I get it ten-fold. It’s not too often that a second book in a trilogy can leave me wanting- needing more.  I usually find them repetitive, but you will find that Conquered dives deeper than just some smart sass and hot as shit sex. You get to see the people within the more in-depth side of the two people you met in book 1. These people are broken, hurt and treading water that seems to slowly be pulling them under.

Theo and his hot factor raised the bar for any man who will follow him. Is he hurting and grasping at straws- hell yes. He is also out to get what is his- and that comes in the form of one red headed female who has managed to put up walls that are impenetrable.  

 Lilly has demons and although you get to see what is behind the façade you also get to see the real person, the scared person - the one who can be hurt much deeper than what Theo can dish out. Don’t worry though, Theo comes barging in like the GD Kool-aide man breaking down walls and claiming Lilly as his. Insert my swooning here.

Although I love Lilly I can’t help but let the part of me that is totally obsessed with Theo come to the forefront. It’s unbelievable that I can love Lilly so much in the first book and yet be completely, undeniably in love with Theo in book 2. Love might conquer all, but to get there it’s an ugly and long road. A road filled with lies and betrayal and an ending that will have you pissed off and in awe all at the same time

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