Thursday, April 10, 2014

Unfixable By: Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey is the go-to author when you need something short, hot, and crazy possessive. You know that sex face every person makes mid-orgasm? Well, that is my face while reading any of her books. She brings you in and wraps you up in all things that are Tessa Bailey's writing. She makes me want to leave my man of ten years, in hopes that there is a Shane left in the world to swoop me up. I have loved everything from this author and to see her step away from the normal Cops persona got me excited. She fucking nailed it.

Shane and Willa have that pent-up frustrated sarcasm; with a huge dose of sexual tension. They are both dealing with pasts that have forced one to run away and the other to run to the cause of the pain. When sarcasm meets Sinicism, the gloves come off and the hearts are on the line. Shane is your typical alpha male- although I did find him more subdued than her normal writing. I fell in love just the same.
Usually the female in books are just a moot point for me. Ms. Bailey's females have you taking notice. They don't just blend into the background. She pulls you in with the sexual tension and banter. She makes you finish the book thinking "I want to get wall-slammed, hood of the car slammed, bent over anything- slammed."

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