Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fracture By: Callie Hart

I will take "Things I Want To Shove Into My Vagina" for $1000.00, Alex. Bucket list created for my vagina? Check. Batteries for the next book? Check. Beg for an early release? Check. The sex scenes, the story, and holy shit Zeth. I will be ruined for all men to come. He is an asshole who will call you out on your shit one second and pound you against the wall the next. I don't know what I'm more excited for - the next book, the "kiss", or seeing what else is in that ever-loving black bag of his.

“You’re perfection, angry girl. No need to huff and puff. I’m gonna take care of you.”

Sloane and Zeth. These two have the hate/love chemistry down to an art. Sloane needs Zeth and unbeknownst to him he needs her. Sloane is a fighter. She may appear stubborn and mouthy, but when push comes to shove – she  will shove right towards Zeth. He is a killer. Someone who shouldn't be on her radar. With that said everything he's done since their first meeting has been for Sloane. I have fallen in love with everyone in this book.  I knew I was in deep, but the moment he went bat shit crazy for a guy touching her, I lost my heart.

Callie Hart is an author to add to your "must read" list. Blue freeze pops, ropes, and knife handles.. Oh My. How the hell am I supposed to ever cook again? Did I mention I was ruined? This book has put me in a hell of a book hangover. Can't wait to read Burn and any and everything after that. She keeps you guessing. What's she gonna pull out of her bag of tricks next? Something that will have me professing my undying love... I'm sure.

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