Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crazy Good By: Rachel Robinson

The selfish part of me doesn't want to share my love for this book. I just want to stay in my Maverick daze and let every emotion that enveloped me, while reading, consume me. It was like watching a movie play out in a book. When you laughed, you laughed hard. When you wanted to slap some sense into one of them, you wanted to slap hard. When your heart hurt and your chest burned, you cried hard. 

The author pulled me in with that damn slack-jawed, WTF just happened beginning, then she'll have you falling in love with every aspect, every word - the whole time knowing at one point the past is about to meet the future.  It was too late though, I was invested the minute he said, "Game fucking on. Challenge accepted". I knew then that he would be taking a spot in my top book boyfriends list. I was all in - consumed with the story of Mav and Win. It's not an easy love and some times it's not pretty, but when fierceness meets determination - it's an unbreakable love. 
 Maverick and Windsor's story is the kind that sticks. It stays for days after you have finished it; taking it's own place in a part of your heart. Maverick...Mr. Pump It and Dump It, until he makes eye contact with a blue-eyed girl who is about to turn his world upside down. Windsor has been hurt and trusting another guy - especially a hot, cocky Navy Seal - is at the bottom of her to-do list. These two will drive you crazy, turn you on and win you over. Beautifully broken. Beautifully tragic. Beautifully blissful. 

So toss your panties and get ready to be sexually frustrated, sexually turned on and begging for the P to enter the V, right along with Windsor. One word - Captivated... Two words - Blown Away... Three words - In Fucking Love.


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