Sunday, February 2, 2014

Strike By: Holly S. Roberts

I think I fell in love with Reed the moment he pulled out the duct tape. What? Yes I know I'm a freak, but the way the book started off with a bang from the beginning I knew Reed would win my heart early. This was such a quick and easy read. If you are looking for a book that has a hot male, a do anything to save her family female and not a lot of angst then this is the perfect book. IT was heartfelt, endearing and the type of book that you just can't help but smile as you read. Ms. Roberts can sure write a man that will make you swoon and want to drop your panties.

Reed and Jaycee meet under circumstance that don't usually generate a love/lust relationship. Jaycee is trying to protect her family and sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. What she didn't expect is that her failed mission would pave the way for a future she didn't see coming. Reed was unmoving from the get go. He dove right in with Jaycee trying to not only relieve some pressure, but be someone her brother and sister would look up to. Now you see why you just instantly fall for him.

The author wrote some really good characters not only in Reed and Jaycee, but also she made Jon stand out in his own way. The protective brother along with a family that had an unbreakable bond that has been through so much. She makes you root and cheer on everyone until the very end of this book..

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