Friday, February 21, 2014

Consequences Of Deception By: Ella Fox

Holy Mother of.. you just wrote the perfect asshole in the history of books.  You, Ella, have rendered me speechless and that in itself is an accomplishment. It's like you crawled in my head and found everything I love in a man and then made him come alive in your book. Bossy - Check. Take No Shit - Check. Asshole with the capability of turning sweet - Check. Just became your biggest fan - Check. Hands in Pants - Double Check.  This book was beyond anything I could have imagined.  It was smoking ass hot with a story that made you want to scream, cheer on, and eventually fight for the love that you know only comes once in a lifetime.

Killian and Sloane have a history that involves love, hate, and misunderstandings.  I felt like every time Killian opened his mouth it was a dare to hate him.  It didn't work - the more of a dick he became the more I lost my heart to him. Sloane learned that consequences can change the path of your life in the blink of an eye, while deception (or at least what seemed to be) can lead to a path of hate and revenge.  I was worried that Sloane would be a pushover, but when she found her inner bad ass she became the female that we all love to read. One that turns out to be the perfect match for a bossy man, but sweet enough to meet his tenacity with a bit of her own.

 This book is the reason why I blog, anxiously await release dates, and fall in love with characters that set standards for future books. I have learned that when Ella says "He is bossy" you fucking listen to her. When a romance book can turn you on and have you blushing like a damn virgin, at the same time wanting to do non-virginal acts to anyone or thing that will stand still then there is only one word - WINNING.  She has completely blown me away with a book that didn't last nearly long enough for me. I wanted to be trapped with Killian and Sloane - and their love for each other - forever.  You, Ms. Fox, have found a new stalker for a long time. 


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