Sunday, February 16, 2014

Layers By:Sigal Ehrlich

I absolutely fell in heat,lust and love with Daniel. Once he comes into the story you are instantly in a swoon stupor.  He is faithful, determined and hard-headed and these are just some of his good traits toss in his I won't fucking take no as an answer and he is the total package. Ms. Ehrlich was able to pull a strong male character and a smart ass female who actually had a mind of her own into an absolute fucking great book. She had me laughing at the banter back and forth between the two and just when I thought I was queen of sexual innuendos she goes and proves me wrong. 
This is a book about finding love even when it was the last thing you were looking for. Hales and Daniel was an explosion waiting to happen. They were both stubborn and set in their own ways and change was the last thing they were expecting.Fate can be a tricky bitch. The day Hayley walks into his company with her best friend on a bet is the day their fate is sealed and the chase begins. It was nice to finally read about two headstrong people who fell hard, fast and all the while still having the attitude and fight that originally drew you in.
Sometimes you just happen on a book that screams "I'm the one." The one that has you holding your breath during the first meeting, laughing at times you shouldn't and cheering on every awkward moment knowing that at the end - love will be left. To me this book is the reason why I read. That feeling that runs through your blood making you feel alive and in love. Ms. Ehrlich blew me away with this book. I loved it from the beginning and hated to see it end. I can't wait to continue my reading relationship with this author. She has an incredible sense of humor that flows throughout all her characters.

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