Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beneath These Chains by Meghan March

Meghan March kind of just appeared out of nowhere for me. I was scrolling my newsfeed and saw a post about her books and I one-clicked and then I fell in love. Her style, her men and the feisty ass women she writes kind of sold me and ever since then has had me stalking her next book. There were times I wanted a little bit more of just them and the story behind Lord, but you can’t turn down a hot, bossy guy who seems to think it’s his way or the highway, but also knows when to give in a little. 

Ms. March has this way of introducing her characters that will have you swooning and laughing all at the same time. Lord and Elle go head to head the first moment they meet. We all were intrigued with Lord and his greatness in the last book, but when he is brought to life he just demands the stage. 

This author is an auto click for me. She just writes in the style that I love. The badass males who take no for an answer, but on the same won’t level know how to relinquish control for just the right amount of time to allow the sassy ass girl to put him back in his place.  

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