Thursday, June 18, 2015

Relinquish By M.N. Forgy

M.N. Forgy sure knows how to write a male character that will have you wanting to bend over the closest table available. I knew I was going to love Landon from the first glimpse all dressed up like a sexy badass. The author knows how to write a story that flows and you just end up getting caught up in it all. The story, the back characters and the love story.
Charlie is strong for a girl who has had more moments in her life that would make the strongest person hard. When Charlie is instantly attracted to Landon and you can’t help, but anticipate each of their meetings. Once he sets the path that she will be his the only thing left to do is just swoon and in the next minute kick him in the nuts for not going after what should have been his.
I have really come to look forward to Ms. Forgy’s books. I always know going in that not only am I going to get a story that will have me flipping the pages, but that I will find two people who I’m left hoping they end up working everything out and finding true love. Let me just leave you with Ms. Forgy is on my radar of must reads.

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