Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rush by Stevie Cole

When I read the first book Ms. Cole wrote I thought who the hell thinks like this. Who the hell has this kind of brilliance in their head? Then I had a few conversations with her and realized she does- that’s who. She walks her own path when writing, but the one thing that is for sure, when you finish- you will be left in awe at the crazy ride she just took you on. I have loved being on this journey as Stevie finds her mojo and who she is. She is passionate and it comes through in her characters. You will love them, hate them, root them on and journey along as they find themselves.

If you were like me you gathered that Jules was a bitch in book one. Damn did I have it wrong? What she is- is a person who has wanted something for 6 years she couldn’t have- or so she thought. Breaking the rules is one thing Rush is good at. He is the untouchable bad boy who just happens to have an eye for the forbidden. The forbidden could cost them both. Drowning while trying to sort yourself and your fame may cost you everything. 

Rush had me intrigued, but let me just tell you about 45% into this book I couldn’t put the damn book down. I turned into that girl that said- just one more page to see what happens. When he flipped into the role of you are going to be mine and that was it- I was like hello RUSH where the hell do I get my Rush fan club shirt. Stevie makes you fall for these men no matter what issues they have. They could have a fetish with wearing girls’ underwear and by the end of the book you will want your man to wear a pink thong. 

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