Saturday, December 6, 2014

Crying Wolf by Rochelle Paige

I have read several books from Ms. Paige and it seems to me she only keeps growing and getting better with each one. SO when I heard her next book was a shifter book I couldn’t wait. I love me some shifter books and I knew Rochelle would make him an alpha shifter at that. She didn’t disappoint. Hunter was…well he was amazing. Even with this being a short book- I wanted more. I would love for her to delve into this even more and give me- I mean the readers something longer. 

Grace is running from her past and always on the lookout. When she ends up in the one place that can protect her she has no idea. Enter Hunter- the possessive, protective, alpha shifter. The moment he looks at Grace its game over- even if she doesn’t know it yet.
I love when an author takes a chance. 

Anyone can write about a biker or a hot MMA fighter, but to step outside the box and take a chance on something people may love or hate shows depth. I for one am so glad she took this chance. I loved reading Hunter and Grace’s story. 

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