Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Storm by Nina Levine

I love anything that has to do with a biker and this was no exception. I loved J he was so bossy and possessive, but also supportive and caring. Madison was just as strong. She gave just as good no one was going to tell her what to do and that was that. I fell in love with both of them, but J won my heart early.
J and Madison were once in love, but being part of a motorcycle club can drive a wedge in a couple a mile long. J had to make a choice a choice that involded Madisons saftey. So he chose the choice he had - he pushed her away. She ran and never looked back. Now years later she has put her life back together and is rebuilding. It comes crashing down with one phone call. A call that will pull her back into the lifestyle she ran from. The strong side of Madison wants to fight. Thats all she knows is how to fight demons and people. Once J shows up to get her to return back home back to Storm she has to choose what is right for her. This is when they slowly start to piece back the years they have lost.
I really enjoyed reading this book. There was not alot of angst it was just a good read with great characters. I loved reading the back characters as well. I loved them. Griff had me swooning from 2 sentences. Nash, are you serious he will be a fun to read. Then you have others like Scott her brother and then her half brother.. OMG NINA I need them all now.. You are planning on writing them all correct? Well done Babe.. What a awesome debut novel.

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