Monday, November 25, 2013

Asking for Trouble ~ Tessa Bailey


5 out of 5  baby!
                                                 Dirty,conceited,cocky mouths. You think you loved Derek,Daniel and Troy well then ladies be prepared to have your panties ripped right the fuck off you.Better yet don't bother wearing any, because Brent will have you panting and breathless by the end of this book.  To say I love Tessa and her writing abilities is an understatement.She writes strong males and then adds a female that will give the guys a run for their money. She takes a nice,quick and steamy read and turns it into a marathon of all maleness,dirty mouths and hard sex. Trust me when I say hard sex, I'm not talking about the 3 pages of useless shit no one cares about, I'm talking about- cant wait any longer get on your knees and suck me in this hallway. You don't skim over these scenes you read and then smile then go back and reread thinking holy shit did he just say that. Her characters are real, they suck you in with the back and forth banter- loving them from the very beginning.

Brent! What can I say other than you  just want to scream his name over and over. He's so dirty the dirty that you want to crawl under rub on and moan out every bit of pleasure.  Brent and Hayden hate each other or so they thought. They both spent so much time pushing each others buttons and making assumptions about the other that they didn't bother to look beyond the sexual tension. Hayden lives in the rich world while Brent lives in the middle class world trying to support his family. You meet these two right off the bat in this book and that is one thing I love (ok I love everything) about her writing.

I feel like I say this after every one of her books I read, but THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE. I can't say enough about her writing style. Its not just a read it's an adventure into MACHOLAND. Where the guys talk like men say things that make you blush 7 ways to Sunday. If you want to read a book where the guy says things like "stroking one out" and the girl says "stupid,overgrown, panty-stealing fucker" then this is it.With Tessa's books its best to just sit back and let the book do all the work.


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