Thursday, July 6, 2017

When Life Happens

Some books you read and some books move you to read. When Life Happens is one of those books. This author writes words that dig deep in your soul. Her words push you as a reader to sometimes move past the uncomfortable knowing that what is at the end will be worth every second of it. It's not often I find myself in awe of words and sentences that are so beautifully strung together at times they make your heart hurt and smile at the same time.

I absolutely fell in love with Parker. I found myself identifying with her on so many levels. Life's decisions, the mistakes and her finding her happiness. It was a bumpy road, but so worth every adventure we were taken on. Jewel E Ann is a wizard with words and a magician with a story line.

If you are looking to just read a book then you have a million choices, but if you are looking for a book that will stand out among a million… this is that book. It's the one that as soon as you start reading you just know its special. You know that it will be something you talk about for a long time.

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