Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Where The Road Takes Me by Jay Mclean

If there is anything you know about me it’s that I like my alphas and tend to stick with what I like. I took a chance on this book because one of my favorite people in this world loves this author. I can tell you this- I was beyond shocked with how quickly I was sucked into this story about two young people running a different path, but colliding in a cloud of like. Blake will make you want to believe in men who do not exist. Men that make you want to believe in happily ever after and stick when things get rough- he will make you believe in everlasting love. 

Chloe is broken she always let life live her and trying to live life is something that is new to her that is until Blake. What happens when color is introduced into a life that was always black and white? You realize that the light is worth walking towards. It’s worth letting go of the pain that has kept you trapped in a world with no love or connections.

Books don’t usually get to me. Every so often you finish a book and have that stupid goofy grin on your face because everything you just read- felt right. We all need to hope that there is a Blake running around in the world. Ms. Mclean has proven to me that sometimes letting myself fall in love and take a chance on different read can be beautiful.

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