Monday, July 14, 2014

Restoring Hope By: C.P Smith

C.P. Smith just gets it. She gets what the reader wants and delivers in such a way that leaves you thinking about the book months later. She just doesn’t tell a story; she paints a picture that has you feeling as you’re the one sitting at a bar in the French Quarter drinking your worries away. Her ability to grab your attention within the first few pages lets her writing speak for itself. It may be a romance book, but the way she writes the story takes you on a journey.  You can’t help but be intrigued with the twists and little bit of mystery she includes—it’s a total package with hot men and strong females. 

Nic and Hope are both suffering from the shit hand life has dealt. Life has not been fair to either one. They are both running from pain. One from a past that is very much alive and one from a past that has been haunting him for over a year. When Hope finds herself with Nic acting as protector she is left to make a decision to continue to run or stay and, for once in her life, feel safe and loved. Nic will leave you in a puddle every time he says Sugar or throws down to claim his woman. 

What I love about Ms. Smith is that you won’t find her writing about men wearing cardigans. She writes manly men. The kind that are bossy and possessive, but tender, devoted and loyal. She brings in characters like Rose and Big Daddy that have you laughing and cheering them on. They don’t take away from the story because they are blended into it so well that you can’t wait till they appear again in the next page. Can't wait to see what she brings to us next.

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